We believe that Valley Christian Center has been placed in Spring Valley to fulfill one purpose. We are called to connect people to God. This is a simple four-word phrase that defines our existence. Everything we do and say comes from a desire to see people connect to a living and loving God.

We connect people to God so people would KNOW the love of God. Our desire is for our actions and our words to show people the love of Jesus Christ. We desire for people to Know Gods Love. 

We connect people to God so people would GROW in relationship with God and each other. We believe that we are called into a relationship with God. God himself desires to have a relationship with his creation. We believe that the relationship between God and man is the most important relationship on earth and because of this, we desire to see people grow in relationship with God. God himself said it isn't good for man to be alone. Therefore, we are determined to help people grow in their relationship with each other and the world around them. 

We connect people to God so people would GO in service to God. One of the last things Jesus called us to do was to go into all the world. We believe that all the world includes Spring Valley, Fillmore County, Minnesota, The United States, and anywhere else God might send us. As people connect to God we believe he will call them to go in service to him locally, regionally, and internationally. We desire to see people go in service to God. 

Our Vision

Connecting People to God

Our Mission 

So that people would KNOW, GROW, and GO